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8 Responses to “wind energy generators -Treadmill Motor Wind Generator Turbine 1”

  1. belgrademachine Says:

    That should be right but this wind generator only hit 12 volts in strong gusts and didn’t go much over that. It seems that the treadmill motors are best geared up rather than direct drive.

  2. VWRabbitdiesel Says:

    @belgrademachine Nice so you have to spin that thing @600 RPM to charge?

  3. PezunaProducciones Says:

    Try changing the motor. I got a 180 VDC 4700 RPM from an old tradmill. Thats 26 RPM to make 1 V, which is very good.

  4. VWRabbitdiesel Says:

    @belgrademachine 14.8 amps @ 850rpm good luck hitting 850RPM

  5. belgrademachine Says:

    @helloman1976 It is running free with no load in the video and reached about 6 volts at one point. What you can’t see is the house upwind about 8 feet away so its not a straight line wind. I did test the motor in a drill press and got the following: 4.45volts, 4.3amps @ 255rpm, 8.7volts, 9.5amps @ 500rpm and 13.75volts, 14.8 amps @ 850rpm.

  6. belgrademachine Says:

    Thank you

  7. helloman1976 Says:

    How much power is it putting out? How many amps?

  8. ripadisc Says:

    nice job man

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