** This is a model with 14 “diameter x 18″ high to experiment with the design for the rotor wing. The wings of the rotor are giving a lift and not just pushed. The rotor is under the power to lift or drag almost all around. An existing machine would need to have a 24 inch rotor diameter and 4 feet high to be useful. I plan on kits made available as soon as possible. They are CNC cut and easy to assemble furniture as IKEA. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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3 Responses to “tesnic wind turbine -Lynx VAWT Wind Turbine”

  1. laidofftomass Says:

    Nice, well built . Good video

  2. chrach Says:

    nice job! i like it. And i like the idea to sell by kits.
    btw, have u ever come across my TURWIND turbine?

  3. LynxSteam Says:

    The rotor blades are airfoils that have their length nearly parallel to the wind. Much like an airplane with slight wing incidence. On the back side of the rotor the airfoil is reversed and so lift is always a tangent to the center of rotation. There is quite a bit of drag force as the wing turns downwind, but no drag coming upwind due to vacuum.

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